Friday, January 18, 2008

Funny Child....just like her Daddy and her Momma

It's funny (and sometimes frightening) to see how much alike you child is to you or how much they have picked up from you ;) The little things they do or pieces of their personalities that resemble us are just amazing!!!

Let's take Anna......she is my resident "ragga muffin". She tries so hard to "match" her clothes and then she relies on the clothes that she likes or is comfortable in. This results in the funniest little outfits. Unfortunately, I think I was a little like that as a child.....ha hahaa my husband would say I'm still like that. I can come up with the most comfortable outfits that just don't quite "work" know the shades of red clash (or too much of one color) or when the materials just don't work together ( a casual top with a nice skirt).
This was Anna's attire when she woke this morning!! Like the sandals and Dora hat:)

Last night after getting the younger two kiddies tucked into bed we had a heart-to-heart with Anna about staying in her bed.......she's been getting out of bed to tell us "her back needs to be rubbed" and whatever else her little mind can come up with. She goes through cycles of getting out of bed but we've learned through the years (ha haha) that it's better just to end it when it starts back up so it doesn't become habit for her to stay up with us......Mommy and Daddy need "Mommy and Daddy time". BTW I don't feel too guilty about making her go back-to-bed because we are with her ALL day and she gets PLENTY of attention!! We do allow her to get out of bed for dirty diapers and illness. So after we had done our "office work" we went into the living room and found this....Anna asleep on the floor, with a dirty diaper :)

This whole situation is dear to Brian and his parents. They remember for years him sneaking out of bed to stay up with them. Or falling asleep on the stairs listening to the TV and his parents talking. He said, "ANything was better than lying in my bed doing nothing." :)

(Another side note: Our kids have too much to do in their beds.....they have books and dolls and cars...nothing too dangerous, although Christopher does sleep with a pointy car and giraffe? BUt they play before they go to sleep, fall asleep then play a little as they wake's peaceful!!! And I bet they stay in their crib/bed easier and happier for a longer period of time than if they didn't have the "extras".)

Here's another outfit, the funny thing with this outfit was that she was wearing Lydia's pants. We had put them in the wrong drawer and didn't realize it until we were putting away Anna's clean laundry and her matching pair :)Lydia's pair actually fits Anna better, maybe a little too short!!

Ahh yes, and for all those interested....Anna has also revealed where she will be "preaching this weekend"......the "Baptist Retirement Home". Ha hahaaa!!! Just like her Daddy:)


Grammie said...

Yep, whats that saying "the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree"? I can see a lot of you in Anna. Its so funny. But the staying up part must be from Brian's side you loved your bed.

Amos said...

Preaching, ey? I had not idea that you all leaned that way!!!!!!!! By the way, that outfit would fit in at a nursing home.

Amos said...

I guess I'm writing in as Amos, he really doesn't mind. :)