Monday, January 7, 2008

Lydia's Teeth

I remember taking Anna to a new pediatrician when we moved, she was just over 2 months. But the pediatrician noticed that Anna's side incisors were starting to surface...way early!! In fact, they were some of the first teeth to come in but not until she was around 9-10 months (thank goodness for this brestfeeding Momma)!!! I remember the pediatrician making some kind of joke that she was going to look like a vampire.....yes, a very encouraging thing to say to a first-time MOm!

Christopher's teeth came in...right in the textbook order...kind of later during his first year!!!

It's soo strange but my little Lydia has had her side incisors emerge earlier as well. So both my girls have had their two little front teeth first and then this two "side" teeth. It is a little odd, but their little smile at this stage is soo sweet.
Oh, as you can see from the "little" Lydia is really a chub-ster and a drooler, especially when getting new teeth. We've had this under the chin rash for always the worst with new teeth coming, her missing top middle teeth are getting ready to poke through:)

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