Monday, February 16, 2009

What to do with the Valentine candy?? **UPDATED!

Well Andrea and I made plans to to SOMETHING...ANYTHING together today.... and in brainstorming we figured out we had a BUCKET LOAD of candy that we could use to make grahamcracker houses!! LOL

My mom makes beautiful, homemade gingerbread for houses almost every Thanksgiving/Christmas season... this year she was extremely busy... moving from Saudi Arabia back to the US and then make plans to travel abroad again for 2.5 months:)Maybe next year we can make them with Grammie... if they stay close by

So in an effort to have something FUN for the kids, to use up the candy and to be creative we DOVE right in:)

These were our "supplies" : CANDY, graham cracker (allergy friendly), icing (allergy friendly), plastic spoons and plates to attempt organization!! LOL

After letting the kids decorate their "sides" we realized it was going to be harder than we thought to actually BUILD houses... hmmm?? that's why we always used milk cartons at school!! LOL

Our final graham cracker "creations"... Chris' first and then Anna's :

None the less!! The kids had a GREAT time!! Lydia and Taite even napped in the same room... eventually... he hehee! The trampoline was a big hit and so were the chicken nuggets!! Anna got to play with Caleb's Leapster and teach Caleb how to drive the GATOR! So funny... and sweet!

Andrea blogged with more of our day together... including video and pictures!! Check it out HERE!

Thanks for a great day guys!! See you at the library tomorrow for reading time!!!

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grandma said...

Chris and Anna, you did a great job.