Friday, February 6, 2009

Focus Friday

So lets see how I did!!

Focus Friday

My Goals last week were to:
1. organize my coupons using a binder system - Well it is done... sort of:) I have the binder together and my "busiest" categories already filed. I was a little distracted by preparing for the triples event at HArris Teeter this weekend:) But it's soo much better and glad I finally got it done:)

2 &3. Re-organize Christopher's toy baskets on his shelf and show him whrere everythin goes:) This was completed as well.... whooo-hooo... anyway, we ended up with an "extra" basket! So I look forward how we can use that basket:)

*** I've also spent PLENTY of time working in my bedroom... hope to post some pics as soon as we get some curtains up:) And we're LOVING the new bedding... Brian even MADE the bed this morning(before I got a chance to) so the room would look nice:)

*** Prepared coupons for the TRIPLES... this takes planning and research...ha hhaaa.. it actually does when you shop like me. I go in with a list (and the coupons), get what I planned and checkout.... it drives me crazy to search through my coupons... although maybe it will be easier with my COUPON BINDER:)YAY!!!

Hmmmmm... So what is in store for this week???

1. Organize under the kitchen sink area

2. Organize and clean out the shelves in the "laundry room"... I'm not sure what is up there anymore (so I probably don't need it...right) LOL


NateAndJakesMom said...

You know, they have people that do this for a living... you ready for a client? (That would be me, of course) I so hate to do this stuff and I swear if I had the money I would so hire someone. Good luck!

LT said...

Nice looking coupon book! I am so not even that organized! Good luck with your organizing this week!

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

your coupon binder looks great ( you know I love mine!)you were on fire this week great job on all your tasks and good luck this week. Oh and yes I fully appreciate how much work it is to shop as you do b/c I do it too! Oh but the money we save :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for getting all things done! That's great go ahead.