Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Big Snip.... in the works

Anna has always had a hairdresser phobia....LOL

Since we've had to start trimming her hair it's been a PAIN... she's a totally different child at the hairdressers... she screams, pitches a fit like throwing herself on the floor... she is NEVER like that at home!!!

In September Anna decided that she'd "let" ME cut it!! It turned out OK.... but I am not comfortable with anything MORE than trimming the ends. In November Anna let Grandma trim the ends:)

Right NOW it's in need of another trim. But I think it would lay sooo nicely if she had a professional do it... of course she won't agree to it (not even the 2-3 that we personally know)!! AND she doesn't want a trim.... she wants her hair cut SHORT... honestly, she's told me over and over that she wants it short like mine:)

On Saturday afternoon while washing grape jam out of her hair she said that she would let Miss Kim cut it:) So that is GREAT... I am thrilled but now

How much do we cut off??? Do I really let her decide how short it will be??? Oh, it will be sad for me to see her beautiful long hair gone... but hair is hair and it grows back. I'm much more concerned about her haiving a good haircut experience:)

I told her about Locks of Love and seriously, she is 1 inch from having a solid unlayered 10 inches to donate... her hair would be beautiful... but that means waiting another couple months for a big snip!! I'm not sure she is wanting to wait.

So off to search the web for some little girl cuts:) Leave me some links if you have any ideas???


grammie said...

Try to talk her into growing it for Locks of least then you'll know it went to a good cause. I know you feel sad about her hair short but think of how much easier it will be to care for...just in time for the POOL.

If Anna were here, I would definitely keep her hair short...all the kids here have lice and their mothers are always picking through it.

Miss and love you guys...

Anonymous said...

Oh, that remembers me so much of the son of our friends when he was a little boy. He did not want to go and get a haircut, too. And the problem was that he has got curls as boy and so he really needed a haircut. One day when he was at us with his Mom (we were living in the same house so we saw us nearly daily) we all talked into him and at the end he said, he would go for a haircut but only with me. Luckily the haircutter was in the next house. So our friend called and asked whether I could come down with him and so we went straightly! And he let it cut. What an adventure!
I would let Anna decide how short she wants it. But I would try to make a deal, let the haircutter cut the half of length like Anna wants and then ask her if she wants like this or even shorter. Perhaps she will let it be like it is then or only a little bit shorter. And as you said it will grow again!

Shelley said...

I let my daughter cut hers off at age 5 1/2. It was past her mid back, and she was sick of it. Now it's a couple inches past her shoulders again, and she wants it long. I think it's their call.... I don't want anyone making me have long hair if I don't want it!!

Drea said...

well i would def. grow it long enough to donate! cause its almost there.. u know? maybe hold off til june or july .. by then it will be longer.. and u can donate it? and thats when its REALLY starting to get hot.. so she will enjoy less hair.