Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Cries and Angels

We did finally get outside this morning.... I think each weighted 10 lbs heavier with all the layers of clothing I put on them:) But we didn't stay outside for more than 45 minutes or so just because it was wet, cold and Lydia was super fussy (totally NOT normal for my Buggy)!

They each took turns on the Gator.... although one was NOT happy about sharing.......

Usually we will verbally correct her and then the crying is gone. But today outside she just cried and cried, fussed and fussed!!

She wasn't too happy about me taking her picture, either! LOL

The kids have really loved riding the Gator:)

But today the snow had already begun to melt and so it REALLY, REALLY stuck to the wheels.

Here was Chris' turn to fuss.... he was completely stuck because there was too much snow on the wheels.... and he knew he needed to get to the sidewalk to get all the snow off;) Chris was the 1st one back into the house, which was unusual for him.

I think he got too cold. It was cold (duh, there is SNOW on the ground) but what made it COLD was the wind. And wet gloves and/or clothes plus wind = really cold:)

We tried making a snowman again... but the snow just wouldn't pack for us. Although I did get Brian with a couple of snowballs:) We couldn't be done with our (last??) snow until we made snow angels.....


grandma said...

I know it was sooo cold but it looks like so much fun--and the memories! Wish I were there to play with you!

Drea said...

awe fun! it was cold. I didnt even go out! cute angels

Stacey said...

Good thing you live where you do if Lydia hates snow so much :) She would be extra grumpy if she lived here!