Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Sentences - Valentine Edition

Christopher was working in his "V"s this week in his workbook!! What V section would be complete without a picture of cupid, right? :)

Anyway, Christopher was immediately drawn to the picture. He just looked at it!!!

Then he looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I like his shoot!"

hahahaa.. he like the bow and arrow :)

We've been chuckling all week about Christopher is our little cupid... usually just in underwear with all sorts of weapons... usually toys that he has turned into guns.

Last night I fixed a meal that Brian had been asking for and I set the table with our cloth placemats, used our gobblets for ginger ale:) and put candles in the middle of the table: Our Family Valentine Dinner:)

Anyway, Brian and the kids were outside playing as I set this all out:) So the kds came in from playing and asked for something to drink and I told them that their drinks wereon the table.

Anna walked into the dining room and gasped, "Oh, MOmmy it's beautiful in here. Is this our Christmas stuff??"

LOL... I was glad the kids enjoyed having some of our "nice" stuff out:) And that we could enjoy our Valentine Dinner together:)


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Erica said...

aww!!! i admire you for getting all that done!!! how sweet. missing you, girl!!