Thursday, February 12, 2009

Neat Painters

This morning, after schooling, we decided to paint!! I had them all set-up outside until ONE huge gust of wind took all our papers and tore down the easel....

After I gathered all my stuff, I had to get over the fact that we might have to paint inside!! Yesterday with just paper, glue and scissors was CRAZY so paint is even nuttier, RIGHT!!!

Well the kids really wanted to do it and I wanted them to enjoy the paints from Grandma and Grandaddy! And I LOVE giving the the opportunities to create:) So I let them have at it... while mantaining order of course:) I couldn't believe how NEAT they were!! I was AMAZED!! I even got to take pictures of them:)

Yes, even Lydia did a great job! See her little fingers.... those were the ONLY fingers with paint on them at the end:)
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grandma said...

Chris, You are doing a wonderful job with that painting. I can hardly believe how accurate you are in staying on the heart shape. And Lydia, I love your heart design too.