Thursday, February 26, 2009

Warm Weather = Exhaustion

We had a day full of fun and playing OUTSIDE.... after plenty of cool days this winter, I as again ready for a "peek at spring"! And Boy did we get it today!

The kids and I met Andrea and her crew at the park! We all had a blast!! She has all sorts of cute pictures on her Flickr!! Here are my favorites:

THANKS soo much for sharing these and letting me share them:)

The kids and I then headed to Wally World to pick-up a "few" items! I got just miles from the store and realize that Anna and Chris were totally asleep:) CRASHEd! The only reason Lydia was awake was because she was eating crackers... at least she was eating:) She was asleep as soon as the cracker was gone!

After naps we played outside more. Ate dinner, bathed, talked to Grandma and Grandaddy on LIve Messenger and then they CRASHED again in their beds... not one peep!

Gotta love playing outside until you're exhausted!!

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Drea said...

I had a great time. I really liked that park.. the kids seemed to play better as a whole together there... cause there were so many things to do.