Friday, February 13, 2009

Focus Friday

Is it already Friday, again??? LOL
Focus Friday

My two tasks were to organize and clean out the shelves above the washer and the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Thankful BOTH places needed a little bit of straightening and sorting out but they didn't take long...

I thought of listing all the other "extra" projects I took on this week around the house, but my finger hurts from where I cut it ask I was changing pictures in one of picture frames.... ha hahaa.. Anyone who knows my house KNOWS I'm not good with decorating and/or placing pictures... so the fact that I was doing it and then cut myself is kind of funny... seriously, it's a little deeper than a paper cut but it stings still.

OK... the first 2 things we have been meaning to do FOREVER:
1. Print off a list of the Duggar House Guidelines for our family to start learning... these are soo practical and could be used in ANY family... not just the ones with 18 kids:)

2. Develop a reward system for the kids' chores. We're thinking pennies in a jar for chores well-done. The kids need a little more motivation:) Maybe even a list of reasons that pennies might need to be taken out??? And for those of you who might think pennies are CHEAP... umm, I'm cheap and my preschoolers would LOVE getting 5 pennies versus a nickel.... they'll learn soo enough. And it's for motivation right now!!

3. Finally, I need to sort through the clothing the kids have outgrown and get it OUT of the LIVING ROOM:)


LT said...

I love the penny reward system, such a great idea and I agree that getting 5 pennies would be better that one nickel. Good luck with the rest of the tasks, the sorting clothes thing is challenging but necessary!

Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Great job last week, I hope your finger feels better soon, those little cuts hurt so bad! Looks like a great list for this week, good luck.

Erica said...

I just started a reward system!!! We have charts --I put a printout in a page protector, and then we keep track with dry erase markers. When they reach the end they get a marble in the jar. We have different categories -- like a Yes Ma'am chart, a first time obedience chart, etc. We even have a discipline chart where when the end is reached there a marble gets removed.

At first the marbles were worth a dollor, but we needed a little more direct motivation so I've changed it to a quarter, and they can receive a marble each day after doing their list of chores in addition to the charting.

The other thing I've put in place is their chore cards (notecards with one chore listed or pictured). Each card has a hole punched in the corner, and I choose the ones I want them to do that day and put in on a yarn "necklace" which they each wear until they are finished. It helps them remember that they are to be working on something--and not get distracted!!!

This was all working great till we left town!!! ha!

Jean Stockdale said...

Great post. I was looking down your blogroll and saw the Snods Abroad. My husband and I did a mission trip to Nepal and worked with them in 2007. THey are a precious couple.

I write a blog to encourage moms in the fine art of Christian mothering. Click over and check it out if you have time. Blessings.