Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Cute Shirt, Potty training Funnies

Being in the baby mindset as we await little Josiah on Monday... (he did come fine and Momma and him are resting!Hopefully we'll get to see them as soon as the family wants visitors... HERE is where you can see him)...... I thought I'd share a cute shirt I found for my little sister and her baby Hannah due in May!

To understand why this is soo cute... you have to know that my sister is a hair dresser:)And that Daddy Carson might need to watch Hannah some as Momma works:)

Anyway, I thought it was cute:) And like $2 at the Dollar Store... the perfect price for drool:)

Onto Potty Training Funnies.......

Lydia and Christopher decided in early January that they were going to wear BBP(and BGP)! Although I HAD been talking it up... they decided that were going to potty. And we've been doing GREAT... somedays there are some wet pants... but other than that they are DRY and running for the potty MOST days:)

Even while visiting Grandma and Grandaddy they were determined to wear underwear and they DID... they were soo much more consistent while away than they were at home!! But I'm thinking Grandma and Grandaddy are glad for the dry carpets;)

One funny story about pottying while we were away happened when we were driving to Gran-grandma's house. Grandaddy was driving the van with Grandma, Brian, Lydia and me! (Christopher and Anna went with Uncle Scott and Aunt Bea...relevant for later in the story)

SO we had about a 45 minute trip and I had Lydia empty her little bladder before we left.... but in the mornings she is a Pee-pee Machine ...LOL! So we were just minutes from Gran-grandma's house and Lydia starts squealling, "I gotta go potty. Gotta pee-pee!" And we immediately decipher the message to Grandaddy, the driver.

it was like a lady in LABOR!! He pulls into a turning lane, turns around in an empty parking lot and got us to TAco Bell.... LOL... great navigating Grandaddy!! we get Lydia out of her seat and I run her into the restaurant! And she used the potty and remained dry until her naptime diaper:)

So we finally get to Gran-grandma's house. As we pull up, everyone started coming out of the house to greet us and help us in. Chris is in the crowd coming out of the house but he had other PLANS.

My little man runs into Gran-grandma's yard and takes down his pants. I ask him what he was doing and he said, "I need to pee-pee in the grass!"...LOL

I guess it was a LONG trip for him too and MOmma wasn't there to encouarge him to use the potty... inside the house:)

Although BOTH incidents were funny (one was a little indecent)... they both are having successes!! And we're just waiting for some #2 in the pot to be finished with potty training:) But I'm just going to encourage and wait for them... it's been long but it's worked so far:)

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Devita said...

ahahahhaha...... so cute. gotta pee pee is a very cute words to hear. And I love that cute shirt. I love it!