Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fun Weekend Pics:)

Swimming in the bathtub and hanging out with friends.... what else can you ask for during a weekend????
A Super Bowl Game??? LOL


Drea said...

Taites like ROARRRRR! in that pic. so cute. great tub pic 2. superbowl? is it bad I have no clue who is playing? :-)

3 for Me! said...

LOL.... I'm one of those people who might watch the a game or two during the season and then the SuperBowl...

I have a LOT of memories of SuperBOwl Day growing up... we'd always spent the day with another family, wtach the game together, eat and play football outside with our Dads... almost like a holiday:)

TOnight we might watch some:) I think Brian is wanting to watch it and pull for the underdogs (Cardinals)... sorry Steeler fans:)