Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pastors' Wives Club:)

This morning the kids and I headed out the door to the library, park and pick up some odds-n-ends at the grocery store.

With the gas prices CRAZY high last summer, we decided to limit our trips to town (maybe 13 miles away)!! Since Tuesdays are OFTEN reading days at the library we decided to make TUESDAY our "town day"!! We can be spotted at the library, Walmart, park (on warm days) or Wendys.

The funniest thing is that lately we have been "running into" other pastors' wives on Tuesdays!!!

Before Christmas we ran into Jenny at the library! Another pastor's wife from our area:) Although we haven't been able to get together much, we've contacted one another through Facebook and she's had since started her own blog:) One fun thing is that Jenny has two little girls, so Anna has some little girls to play with now,too:)

Today while at the playground Anna started to make conversation with a mom I'd never met.... I was a little surprised because Anna has ALWAYS been timid... but NOT today. In an effort to give the mom a quiet lunch, I started talking to her:)

Yep, another pastor's wife... LOL!! And also another stay-at-home mom with young children!!

Funny how we all seem to venture out to "town" on the same day and "run into" each other!!

The kids had a BLAST at the park!! They ran around with all of the other kids and released soo much of the energy that had been stored up during the COLD weeks we have had lately:)

Andrea snapped some pictures of our fun!! See them on her blog : Uniquely Placed or on her flicker:)

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