Friday, February 6, 2009

The Pull

I guess many of us Mom are pulled between wanting to be the best WIFE, MOM, Housekeeper and Chef while maintaining some "free-time" or interests of our own. I've been feeling THE PULL this week!! And I'm realizing I can't do-it-all, or at least do-it-all well!!

So this week, I've been kind of short on the blog so I could spend time getting other things done.... but I still seemed to be somehow tied to the computer???? Getting/organizing coupons, doing some work for SIMPLE and catching up with college friends.

So in order to spend time with the family outside right now AND get dinner on the table at a decent hour I will just post peeks into our last few days this week:)

Our super cool "smelling" science lab inspired by Sid the Science Kid (PBSkids show)!

Anna new found favorite "chore"... rinsing off dishes! She also likes washing and said she'd help me with dishes anytime!! I'll have to take her up on THAT offer:)

And finally, no week is complete without "finger math" in the bathtub!!! Go LYDIA!! She is soo cute when you ask her how old she is... she'll hold up ONE finger on each hand:)

Off to join the squeals on the trampoline:)

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