Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting Some AIR!!

It's fun how HIGH the kids have learned how to jump. Seriously, EVERY warm day we have had the kids have been standing at the kitchen door ready to go jump on the trampoline!! They LOVE it and they have soo much fun together on it:)

This morning we went outside before lunch and played for over an hour! Finally I talked them into having lunch :) We had lunch with Brian, watched the end of Curious George (while I cleaned up the kitchen ) and read 3 or 4 books!!

Then they CRASHED!! I didn't hear a peek out of them during naptime. Usually Christopher or Lydia will play for 30 minutes or so. Or Anna will come walking out when Lydia falls right asleep wanting me to let her nap on the couch:)

NOT today!! They CRASHED... it's amazing how much fresh air and physical activity outside effects the kids!! They were ready for their naps:)

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