Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Allergy Friendly Eats!!!

It seems like in the last week or so we have found MORE yummy "new" foods to eat. I'm not a part of one of the major food allergy support groups, so many times I literally stubble upon new foods:)

A week ago Brian was at Walmart reading labels on all the pre-packaged desserts that have NEVER been "safe" for us. But lo-and-behold, Brian found Mrs Freshleys Honey Buns... only the Honey Buns so far... no MILK, EGGS or peanuts!!! Amazing! So far Christopher has been the ONLY taker on this sweet treat:)

On Valentines Day we visited with friends and ate at a new Chinese restaurant. Chinese food is always a little "scary" because it seems all the accidental peanut exposure stories have been from mall Chinese food.....
anyway, I questioned the cashier and was assured they didn't use any peanut products or egg in ANY of their rice!! None of the kids even got red when we ate... ahh, relief and a new restaurant!

This week we found So Delicious ice cream at OUR local Walmart! The kids decided they wanted to try the chocolate flavor first... so Christopher did! He has eaten ice cream after EVERY meal this week.... LOL

he LOVES it!! Yay, we can have ice cream now:) We're getting closer to "normal":)

Sometimes I'll get free samples in the mail. Thrifty and Chic Mom always has some fun ones:)

Yesterday I got this tiny little box of a Total Cranberry Crunch. I LOVE that Total has 100% of tons of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, too bad MOST Total cereal has MILK....

but NOT this new kind!! And guess what child got to have Total as her evening bowl of cereal?? Yes, Lydia!! So if I can get just half of a serving in her... that means she'll be good on a handful of vitamins and minerals!!

Oh, I made a pasta recipe that was on the back of my whole wheat pasta! I was expecting some fussiness just because the veggies, meat and sauce were all mixed in with the pasta! But the kids did great and Brian confessed that he was looking forward to the leftovers this afternoon for lunch!! WOW... looking forward to leftovers is a good sign:)
Happy Eating:)


grandma said...

adorable pictures

Drea said...

yay for new foods! Caleb is our ice cream eater. Taite not so much. Taite would rather have a cookie or chocolate bar. :-)