Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Homeschooling LOVE

I REALLY, REALLY struggled with my decision to homeschool when Anna was almost 3. We had two families that we were close to that BOTH decided enroll in preschool. Anna was soo TIMID at the time that the decision seemed easy until they talked about everything their kids were doing at school! Oh, how I wanted my little girl to have other friends and be excited about school......

Anyway, we made our decision and stuck with it as lonely as it seemed some days....

But daily I am thankful for our decision to homeschool. Ok, ok, I'm still in my first year... LOL... but I've LOVED having my kids around the table with me learning. They share what they think, they do their work and it's just awesome to see them LEARN and Grow!!

Lately one of the COOLEST benefits has been to see the kids interact with "schoolwork" together! We do our devotion together and each one gets a chance to do the activity with the lesson. Lydia and Christopher gather around the laptop or book when Anna is practicing her reading:) And now Lydia and Christopher work together on Starfall ABC.... Christopher is learning how to use the computer and reviewing his letter sounds and Lydia is learning her letters!!

Another way they interact is by "teaching each other". For example, in the car yesterday Anna and Christopher sang the ABCs to Lydia over and over trying to get her to sing all the letters. If I had Anna and Christopher in a preschool class, Lydia would not have this precious time with them!

I LOVE to see my children loving on each other, encouraging one another and cooperatively playing with one another... i KNOW these things can happen while kids go to a traditional school, but when you're homeschooling they need to happen. My kids need to have best freinds and I'm glad they have found that in each other... on the good days :)

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