Monday, February 2, 2009

Decor HELP.... asking for your opinion

Brian and I have been the hunt for a new bedspread and look to the room for ages now... hmm, I'm thinking it's been at least 2.5 to 3 years! We've purchased spread, quilts, and comforters only to get them home and be disgusted with how it looked in our room and with our furniture.

We actually like our current quilt but we're beyond ready for a change... I know Brian had it in his room at his parents house before we were married!!! LOL

So this is what our room always looks like. After taking some before pictures we were determined to have CHANGE!! And we did some tidying:)

While on vacation we saw a quilt set that we BOTH really liked... that doesn't happen MUCH... LOL... so we decided to purchase it and try it out.... What do you think???

There are other changes in the works for the bedroom as well!! We need to get CURTAINS!!! I was thinking a valance.... dark brown or chocolate to coordinate with the dark colors of the quilt???? Our furniture is a tough shade to coordinate with... I at least I think so.

We purchased new lamps on Saturday....

They have yet to placed in our room.... what do you think???

And if, if, if I ever thought of painting the walls in my bedroom (totally NOT a priority right now), what color would actually be decent with my lighter wooden (almost orangey furniture)????

And while I'm picking your brain, does anyone have any ideas what to do above our lamps??? We've got some country home scenes right now... just because they matched. BUt I would love to have something for us... that encouraged us or was about us???

We jokingly thought about Word that said "his side" and "her side".... but maybe a verse that was appropriate and could be split by the window???

And that's only if Andrea and I can't come up with a different way to arrange the room????

It's a lot of work. But I really think once we get our room how we like it..... we'll be able to enjoy it more and not use it for the unfinished project dumping grounds that it tends to be sometimes.


Devita said...

I love both room, before and after. I love the lamp, it looks like a girl wearing a earring. it's beautiful!

Designher Momma said...

I love the quilt, it's similar to mine. As far as window treatments go, I would pull out the darker green color.

If you were to paint the walls, I might pull out that lighter green color or the rust/red color.

Good luck! It's looking good!

Stacey said...

Love the new quilt! I think chocolate brown curtains, with a nice valance would look great! Matching tones perfectly isn't such an issue with a multi-colored quilt like you have. The lamps are really nice too.

If you paint, you could go with a green. We just painted our entrance green, and it looks great! As far as what to do above your lamps... hmmm. I'm no interior decorator :) If you could each find a short verse to go on your sides of the wall, that would look cool. Or maybe start it one one side and continue on the other.

Honestly though, you seem to have some good ideas! Our bedroom is the one room left on our main floor that hasn't been painted or fixed at all. It's very dreary and an ugly shade of minty green. Blech. Not really a place I enjoy hanging out :) I'd love to paint our walls chocolate brown, get some laminate flooring, and some nice curtains. We don't even have nice bedroom furniture. We have a nasty old set that Keith found at an auction before we got married! So we would have to start completely from scratch in our room.

Have fun!

Jenny said...

To be honest I like the new quilt more as it fits the colors in the room better. You said painted would be the last you want do. But have you thought about painting only parts of the room? Here it is very popular. For example you could paint only the wall behind your bed in a color that fits the furniture like a light beige as it is in the quilt.

Dorian said...

You've got a great color palette in your new quilt. You can pick any color from it to use for curtains, throw pillows, or other accents. Blue would go well on the walls in a tone similar to your quilt or maybe a little lighter. Blue is complementary to orange on the color wheel, so it wouldn't compete with your furniture. I think a verse or phrase would look nice above your bed.

Happy decorating!