Saturday, February 21, 2009

My New Switchflops

This morning I posted over at SIMPLE....

I got the opportunity to review the new heel style of SwitchFlops!! I LOVE these sandals!! They are soo cute!! I like the little heel... I was definitely needing some more feminine shoes!

I also have a pair of basic flipflops from Switchflops for over a year now!! They are really comfortable!

I did a little bargain hunting and found a couple of online boutiques that also sell these shoes and they had some good deals going on... like buy a pair of shoes and get a free strap... pretty cool!!

Can you tell my Picasa still isn't working....LOL!!


grandma said...

I really like the Switchflops!

Jenny said...

they look nice, I would not mind to have some like that too for summer. they are not too high and i think still will be fine to wear at work

Stacey said...

Those are so cute! But I'm a cheapo when it comes to flip flops :)

3 for Me! said...

well Stacey, I think that is the GREAT part of Switchflops!! I mean you have a NICE pair of flip flops or heels that can match ANYTHING for $12 (or I've seen some straps for $8)!! Just about the cost of a new "cheapo" pair of flip flops!!

And I LOVE the heel on these! Not too much but very feminine:)

Jenny, I wonder if you could find them in Germany???

Jenny said...

I have not seen them here. But I definitely will keep my eyes open for them