Monday, February 23, 2009

A Realistic Attempt to Exercise, Starfall!!

This morning I was chatting with Andrea about my attempts to exercise at 8am with the kids running around! I can usually get at least 30+ minutes in before the kids need mommy's full attention..... well THIS morning was a little different!

Anna wanted to start school about 8:20am! SO as I was setting up my exercise DVD, I setup the computer with Starfall so she could start working. Lydia was finishing her breakfast and Christopher was running around and playing in his room..... started well....

After a few minutes with me NOT totally paying attention to her, Anna's use of Starfall just got silly and she was totally off-task... so I made the "executive decision" to let her play until I was ready to give her my full attention.... cool... 15 more minutes of exercise...

Then Christopher comes into the living room saying sweetly, "Mommmmmmyyy, I have a surprise for YOUUUUU!!" He was holding a gross, full of stinky diaper!!!! I guess he figured he'd take care of his own stinky since i was busy????

He FILLED the toilet with wipes (not the flushable type) and he had stinky alll over his bottom, down his legs (from takig off his diaper) and mysteriously on his stomach!! EWWWW.....

So basically I was DONE with exercising for the morning.... I made it 28 minutes...grrr... Christopher got a bath, the wipes were rescued from the toilet BEFORE they clogged the pipes and the kids got Momma's attention or the rest of the morning:)

Sometimes moments like this made me want to scream!!!

But then I thought of Christopher's proud little face when he came into the living room with his stunky diaper in hand. He REALLY thought I would be proud of him for trying to clean himself!!! So instead of getting mad at him, I got to remind him that I need to change him when he wants to wear diapers.... if he wants to do it himself he needs to use the potty!!

Hopefully your Monday has been a little less exciting????

Onto something cleaner...LOL... we used Starfall for teaching individual letters.... I let Christopher and Lydia sit on my lap and pick a couple of letters to watch and play. Then Christopher does the 3 workbook pages that corresponds to one of the letters we saw on Starfall! This morning I realized that Starfall has print off pages for each letter as well!!! They are very simple!! But the kids cut out "P" words from a magazine and glued them on one of the pages.... anyway, a fun, free resource!!!

***The photo was taken at a neighbors' house when I was trying to get my pic for the Switchflop review!! Fun that signs of spring are showing up all over:)

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Devita said...

Oh you are so wise. I need to learn more. I would have been mad if I were you. oh!