Friday, February 13, 2009

A Realistic Day

This morning we woke into the reality of living and caring for preschoolers and toddlers:) Christopher crawled into bed with us at 6:30ish. Anna hollered out at 6:50, "I pee-peed in my bed!" waking her sister,too!!

So by 8:30, I had both girs' beds stripped and washing. The dishes washing and I was cleaning pee-pee off the kitchen floor. The floor??... you are wondering... yes, Lydia just could NOT get herself to the potty today??? I had to clean the kitchen floor once and then clean the bathroom floor 3 times!! yes!! THREE!!!

The plan today was to finish up some schoolwork from the week, bake cookies and then hopefully give some out.....

hmmm, instead I cleaned the floor, washed laundry, controlled the mess while attempting to teach the kids to "play with ONE toy, put it away, then get another"...

So the day didn't go as planned!!! LOL

But we had a good lunch with Daddy, I got my Focus Friday tasks done, Grandma (on the phone) and I got the summer clothes organized for the kids and we took a walk!!

So it wasn't a BAD day... just a more realistic day than my plans.... it was what life with three preschoolers is REALLY LIKE!!

"We are not meant to be God's perfect,
bright-shining examples,
but to be seen as the everyday essence of ordinary life
exhibiting the miracle of His grace.
Drudgery is the test of genuine character."
- My Utmost for His
, Oswald Chambers

So I am thankful for grace today! And thankful for our sweet time of reading and conversation together before naptime!! And maybe, maybe, maybe we can bake some cookies this evening.

Here was an encouraging blog (on realistic parenting)I read today: Loving the Beautiful Mess!!

***The pic was from this summer when I traveled to see my parents and brother with the three kids! Always interesting!

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Drea said...

whats w/ chris' lips in that pic haha, its cute!
ahh yes.. a mess day... i think thats my house most days :-) glad im not alone