Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Sentences - Apple Skin

I'm not sure I'll do Saturday Sentences every week, but we had dinner with Andrea and her family this evening and she made a good point... why not "capture" even the kids' silly (or enlightening) conversations so they can be remembered and shared:)

At lunch we had apple slices on the table. We try to encourage the kids to eat lots of fruits and veggies.... and we noticed that Christopher hadn't eaten any....

Christopher: I don't want any because it has skin on it.

Mommy or Daddy: Christopher, just try it, you've eaten the skin before:)

Christopher: No I don't like skin.

Anna: Christopher, to take the skin off all you have to do is turn the apple around and bite the skin off... like this. (She then shows him how; biting pieces of skin off and eating them.)

Christopher : Oh, OK...... (then he starts biting off chunks of skin and apple and eating the side with skin)

Hah ha haaa.... Guess he's grateful for a big sister that can "solve" any problem:)


Anonymous said...

Very clever by Anna!

Drea said...

HEHE see how great will that be to remember! so when blurb prints blogger blogs we can put those in our book :-D

Heather said...

Why can't we think of those 'clever' things as moms? Great work Anna!

Devita said...

Oh My god! she is just sweet! she is a problem solver! Thank God you have her!