Monday, June 23, 2008

Grocery Shopping Antics

Ok, let me start of by saying I adore my children and most days LOVE the stage we're in:) I cherish the sweet moments and still giggle about the funny moments.... but grocery shopping is just a hassle.....

Grocery shopping was OK when I had Christoper in the baby seat, Anna walking and Lydia in the Snuggly.... ha hahaa, I never thought I'd say that!!!!!

But now I have Christopher and Anna both loose (at one time throwing packaged ham into the cart) and Lydia in the seat digging through the groceries, mashing the bread.... it was just a little chaotic... especially when I caught Christopher with a pack of butter in his hands (ALLERGY food) and Anna about to open a case containing bulk peanuts (AHH.. more ALLERGY foods). Let's say the cashier was very gracious as well.... thank goodness, with Christopher hanging off the card reader and spinning the bagging carousel. I'm walking out the door....grateful we haven't broken ANYTHING.... and the door checker stops me and says,

"You have very beautiful children."

AT that time I realize Lydia is quiet because she is calling China on my pay-per-minute cell phone and so I get it back from her. And we leave the store with a wailing baby. She wailed all the way through the parking lot and while I buckled her in the van (as an acquaintance from town who I had just invited to VBS walks pass)! Finally everyone and everything is loaded into the van, I turn on the car and hear :
In this world you will have trouble,
in this world you will have trouble,
take heart, take heart, I have overcome the world,
take heart, take heart, I have overcome the world...... (from John 16:33)
Another translation for trouble is "trials".... and like I started the post. I LOVE my life, where we are and my "trials" are minor and even blessings compared to what others around me are going through!!! But I still have challenges daily and what a blessing to know that our Lord has overcome all and desires for us to have peace.

For those interested... I wasn't listening to the radio but my favorite set of CDs.... they're called Seeds. And I've memorized soo many verses since last Thanksgiving when I started collecting them. Soon, hopefully, I'll be highlighting them on Simple and hopefully have a giveaway and coupons:) They've such a blessing for me, Brian and the children:)

And this is one of the reasons our trip to the grocery store was a little nuts:) This is what happened on our 20 minute trek back home:


Stacey said...

Wow! Things definitely aren't that difficult with 2 kids. You have my utmost respect! Thankfully we're all human, and most people understand that shopping with 3 little ones is no easy task.

gooddog said...

Oh man, my life seems just like that with my "energentic" (read, exhausting) 2 boys. Wonderful post. Thanks for sharing that verse. I'm going to try to focus on that today! Because, really, if He has overcome the world, can't I "overcome" a 2 and 4 YO?!