Friday, June 6, 2008

A "Normal" Day

It was a long, hot and busy day:) The kids are still in recovery mode and so we didn't spend any time outside. Inside days are a challenge for me just because it seems the kids move from ne task to the next leaving a path...... like little tornados.

But it was a fun day...pancakes with strawberries, tea parties, building train tracks, and a new word:)

I also did some new tricks with the kids..... during lunch preparations I had the kids have a "reading time".... they picked some books and then sat separated from one another and "read" through their books... it was easy keeping tabs on them, they were looking through books instead of destroying the house...... anyway, a fun time to incorporate into lunch prep:)


Grandma & Granddaddy said...

One smart little girl!

Miss Beatriz said...

sooo sooo cute!