Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Morning Entertainment

This is what we saw this morning in front of the house...
Yes a cement truck and a backhoe!!!
A little boy's dream (even on sick days)

The kids loved watching the backhoe get the cement from the mixer.
And then race across the driveway
to have it dumped into the space waiting to be a sidewalk!
Here is the supervising crew... gotta love being a kid...
watching cool trucks while munching on some "popsicles"

Oh-no!! Three guesses who did THAT!!
Well, Lydia was asleep so that leaves 2 guesses...

Yep, you guessed it.....Christopher, Mr Fever, at work.
Here are Mr Mike and Daddy getting the cement off his legs and feet.

They finally ended the excitement with a swing....
I wish I could take better swinging pictures...but I really liked this one because you can tell Anna is talking to Christopher!! They really are good friends:)

Anna has been funny today as she's been going "out of her way" to help us take care of Christopher... carrying him drinks, and once almost giving him medicine (it was time and accurately measured...I was just waiting for Christopher to not be leaning over Daddy's shoulder).

With two sick kids, plus laundry, phone calls from friends and family (love you guys!), project making notecards, making strawberry jam and just keeping house..... it was a BUSY day:)


Erica said...

oops. sorry. i'll email and tell you how mine ended up crazy!

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