Friday, June 20, 2008

Potty Training Boys?????

*** Here he is GQ-ing in his swimmies :)****
Well we've already had a busy morning with potty training.... Christopher asked for "big boy" pants this I know he's wanting to be successful.

When I put on his BB pants he said he had to make a stinky so we sat in the bathroom and read books and then he hopped off saying he didn't have to go. We did our Morning Bible Time and then he went off to play.... he was too quiet and so I checked on him. There he was in his bedroom reading standing up making a stinky in his BB pants. What do I do???

I had him stay with me while I washed them out....saying that stinkies go in the potty. I was disappointed but not angry.... I just wish he could have had this success....

And being wet or stinky doesn't really bother him, in diapers or BB pants. I have been bring ing him to the potty every 30 minutes or so and having him "try"..... he will fuss some but when I ask it becomes an "obedience issue".

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Drea said...

ick... stinky in undies grosses me out :-) but he'll get it!!! its funny how some boys like being dirty.. others hate it. Caleb HATES having stinky on his butt.. always has.

Taite has the worst diaper rash. Ive had to let him run around diaperless all day outside to help air him out. Seriously painful stuff... poor thing can have 3 messy diapers and it just eats at his baby skin. His skin is so sensitive..