Saturday, June 28, 2008

Celebrating Our Friends' Marriage

We had busy, but very exciting afternoon:) We had a wedding at our church.... two sweet, sweet people that we've enjoyed getting to know mostly through the groom's wonderful Mom!!!

Like all good want-to-be photographers (the wedding photographers' nightmare) I took my camera and did what a could with it..... here are some pieces of our afternoon...

Bride getting her gown on....
A glimpse of the ceremony,
daughter standing behind her mother:)
The happy, sweet couple,
getting a break after chatting with guests:)

And of course my little Lydia
wearing the flower girl's shoes around the reception.

Well it was a learning experience for me.... I am not a photographer... ah ahahaa.... and I have a lot to learn about taking good indoor pictures (which I'll need to do for VBS in a week). Here are some other attempts I made.

But the most wonderful part was seeing all the details of the wedding coming together and the couple having a beautiful ceremony and wedding! And we joyfully pray for the start of their lovely, God-honoring marriage:)

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