Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Night Stand of a Sick Momma

Well, I guess since the kids had been sick all week, I had a feeling I'd be getting whatever they had soon. But I think I have a sinus infection or cold that stemmed from some environmental allergies..... anyway, I've been miserable since Saturday afternoon. Poor Brian has been trying to take care of everything!!

Christopher and Lydia are also NOT 100% so looks like we're still battling some sicknesses this week:(


grammie said...

You want me to come down? I have no agenda.

Drea said...

um whats with the TP? i hope ur not wiping ur butt in bed HAHA sorry I couldnt help myself.
I got lots of tissues :-)

hope you feel better soon. make brian take off a week :-) and spoil u rotten!

Jenn said...

We've had the crud here too...sinus congestion, chest conjection and cough. I think it is due to something we are breathing in the air around here...and quite possibly that evening we inhaled the smoke that blew over from the forest fires. Jordan and I are still coughing over here...

Hope you feel better soon!