Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lydia's Sick NOw too!!

Well I just laid Lydia down for a LATE morning nap (11am). Anyway, the child was hot... 101.3!! SO now I have Anna recovering and Christopher and Lydia running around with fevers.... I guess a good thing is that the youngest two have it together so we once this is over it should be done running it's course through the family.... unless Brian and I are next....

It's just strange that the kids are achy and have fevers... a dose of medicine lasts about 4-6hours in which time they get out of bed/couch and play and eat and act "normal"!!

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Erica said...

The twins had a fever last week. About 101.3 or so. Mostly just one night, and then they were just tired the next day. Nothing else. Hmph. I guess if anyone will be sick, that is an easier route to go, than throwing up and all. None of my other kids got it. NC Mystery bug.