Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Morning Outdoor "Chores"

Well....we still have runny noses and froggy voices:) But we decided to water some of our little plants so they will survive the last (hopefully) extremely hot day this week ;) And the kids wanted to help......so I brought my tool... my camera:)

After watching this video I was reminded of my own post on Saturday. How nice it is to slow down and treasure the simple, normal moments:)

Also, did you catch the pictures of my little gardens?? One of our friends offered to let me plant some vegetables in his garden...so I got some vegetables....but after two weeks I still hadn't gotten over to his house (like 2 miles or so away). SO I dug up some of my flowers and made my own little garden in the flowerbed:) And I was advised to grow my cucumbers against some fencing....so there they are.....in the yard, against the fence:)

Off to clean out some training pants.... he got a little too busy :)


Drea said...

Awe cute pics. That last one of christopher was my fav. although they were all cute.
its so hot seems like we have to water the plants a lot.. especially anything in a pot! i water our palms (or travis does) daily.. they need lots of water.

grammie said...

What great little helpers you have!! Its a good way to empty the pool water too.