Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 Yrd Old Fun

Well this evening Andrea and Travis had an appointment for Andrea. They had called me about lunch time to see if I was able to come over to help with the kids. They've lived nearby since August of last year and we still haven't traded "nights out" with them.... maybe it's time:)

I brought Anna with me and she had Caleb had a great time together! It was fun to see them playing together, making up new games and listening in on their conversations. 4 yr olds are soo much fun;)

First we did some swimming and playing in the yard. And then the kids were cold so they wrapped up like "hot dogs"... here is Anna trying to figure out what "kind" of "hot dog" Caleb is:)

Then the kids playing with Caleb's kitchen set while I got Taite ready and in bed. He did sneak out a couple of times, but by the time the older kids were cleaned up, quiet and snacking Taite was down for the night;)

Caleb and Anna watched Charlotte's Web.... but before the end of the movie I could tell they were fading..... Caleb was asking for "quiet time" and Anna asked if it was time to go home;)

I got some cute pictures of the kids.... I'm sure you either see them on my blog or Andrea's or maybe in my flickr album soon:) Tomorrow we have a busy but fun day as we head to Grammie's to see her, Pey and Uncle Eric :)

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