Thursday, June 5, 2008

On the Mend and a Gross Tub Surprise

It's really warm here today.... so we broke out the pool even with two having slight fevers:) Anyway, it was much needed to have a "normal" outside day. Besides Lydia NOT wanting to swing and being a little fussy, everyone seemed back to normal.

Anna anticipating the splash at the end of the slide:)

Well I bet you guessed from the title what the surprise was:) The funniest thing was Lydia's reaction... she did the deed, but when she saw the "stinky" there at her feet she kind of jumped and ran to the other end of the tub :)

I have a picture of the deed(Daddy thought it was a too little gross to post) with Christopher just staring at it... he thought it was soo funny!! Too bad I didn't "catch" her in action and have her do it on the potty.

Each day is a blessing with all sorts of unknown surprises!!! One HUGE blessing today has been that the kids are feeling better...lower fevers and more playing:)


Drea said...

when i get back from my trip we have to get together and let the kids swim again. our boys are loving it! my dad got a cover for me to set up over the pool during the heat of the day. caleb is getting black dark.. and their pool realy gets to much sun. so it be nice for some shade :-) and easily comes down.

Grammie said...

Yuk!! I want to know WHO had the lovely task of catching it and getting it out of the tub. Was that Daddy's job?? HeeHee

3 for Me!! said...

Nope, it was mine... :)