Monday, June 9, 2008

An Encouraging Brother

Well we're still recovering..... I've been wanting to visit my mom this week.... and it would be a GREAT week to visit with the HEAT WAVE and that she has a pool:) BUt I'm not up for traveling (nor driving) and I'm not sure the kids would even feel well enough to swim or enjoy their time with Grammie.......

So we've been hanging out with each other..... swimming in the baby pool, swinging, watching movies with the tents set-up in the living room, reading books and Daddy encouraged us to go for some exercise this evening:)

I can tell little Christopher isn't feeling well.... his energy level is way down! He's a little more snuggly and not as loud and busy. But his sensitive side has been showing:)

1. Lydia was the last to wake from her nap this afternoon. Christopher was the first to hear her and get into her room. Instead of just talking to her and leaving (having her yelling for someone else to get her), he gave her some cars to play with. I walked in a few minutes after expecting her to be yelling since Christopher had left her room..... but she wasn't. She was quietly playing with the cars that he'd had given her:)

2. Anna was practicing counting by 10's. Anyway, she was doing a good job and ended with 100 very confidently. I quickly praised her and then Christopher said," Yay, Anna. Give me a high five!!!" And then they started giving high fives to each other, even Lydia got involved:) Too Sweet!!!

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