Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Duplos Keeps Siblings at Play

While cooking dinner the kids asked if they could take out the Duplo blocks. I keep these blocks away for "rainy days"!!! Anyway, since I was busy in the kitchen I let them kids play...... and I really didn't see them or hear anything but laughter and make-believe play for almost half and hour. It's then that I found this:)

Ahhhh, after a hard day it's nice to see them playing together and having fun:)And the Duplos have been soo nice (a borrowed toy from Grammie). In fact Grammie has collected more Duplos and the kids had a BLAST with them while we were at her house last weekend!!!

And we had a few successes, Christopher did pretty well with some potty training! So that's pretty exciting:)

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