Thursday, June 26, 2008

Day with Grammie, Pey and Uncle Eric

We spent much of Wednesday with Grammie, Pey and Uncle Eric. Pey called Grammie last week and told her that he would be "in the country" this week and part of next for some business. Anyway, Uncle Eric was told and "secret" plans were made for him to surprise Pey on Tuesday night (my brother hadn't seen his Dad since Christmas)!!!

Anyway, the kids were soo excited to spend the day at Grammie's with Grammie, Pey and Uncle Eric and the pool:) My little fishes were a little slow to warm up to the water and even Pey and Eric... but they did and we had a great day:)

Uncle Eric wasn't feeling well.... kind of stinks that you only see your Dad for a few hours and your feeling sick and exhausted most of the time.... all those slave hours at camp:)So, we're hoping Uncle Eric is feeling better, especially since he is probably already back in the kitchen at camp!!!! Hang in there.... just one more month, or so:)

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3 for Me!! said...

the music ion this thing is BAD!!! I mean, not lyric bad or instrumentally Bad, it just doesn't fit:)

Photobucket just didn't have much to choose from , sorry!