Sunday, June 1, 2008

Under-the-Weather Again

I know it's because we have three little kids that still have their fingers in their mouths.... but good grief it seems health-wise we have just been hit with one thing after another.....

1.Hand-foot-mouth Disease
2. Ear Infections
3. Stomach virus
4. Food Poisoning
5. Random vomiting by Christopher our last day of vacation
6. Constipation
7. Daddy's random allergy outbreaks
8. Teething
..... And Last night....

I was woken up by Anna at like 1:20am saying that she had to make a "stinky". Since she's had such problems with "stinkies" lately I "gladly" got up:) But after a few minutes of sitting on the bathroom floor waiting, I realized that I probably needed the bucket instead. She got sick once and then spent the rest of the night on some sleeping bags at the foot of our bed....moving around and snoring... not good for a light-sleeper MOM :)

At 2pm we checked her temperature and it was 102!! So we gave her some children's medicine and it's 3:30 and she's been snacking (finally) and happily awake:) So maybe we're at the end of this little episode(hopefully). Although it was kind of funny to talk to Andrea (another pastor's wife) this morning at 11am (church time) since she was home with sick ones as well!! Andrea's crew might have hand, foot,mouth ... maybe that's what Anna has....I guess well know when and if we see blisters:)

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