Thursday, June 12, 2008

Scheduling and Consistency

I'm just going to openly admit that my biggest fear about homeschooling is that I am totally not structured and consistent enough.... I'm not worried about the curriculum (at least not yet) or the material, or even the state required testing..... it's will I be consistent enough to follow a daily schedule for my children? I think we have a pretty good daily schedule to follow, but if I truly ever follow it is another story:)

This week I've even been messing with my decent schedule... Lydia's been taking two naps, but I'm thinking about how to prepare us for Canada and it would be great if I only had one nap for all the kids per day:) And Lydia has done really, really well (even without her paci). But now I don't have the morning time that I used to have with Anna to get her ONE structured "reading" lesson in during quiet... so it's time for a "new" schedule:)

Here is one of my "new" semi-structured times for the kids.... they each get2-3 books and "read" on the couch or separated on the kitchen floor. One thing that is nice about having three kids is that when they finish their books they get to read the other books brought. They'll do this for about 10-15 minutes... just enough time to vacuum the kitchen and living rooms ;)

So these next few weeks all be tinkering with a schedule so by early August we'll have a plan for what our preschool will look like this year:) And although the younger ones are a little young for anything too structured, it looks like they'll be participating as well:)


Drea said...

I really like our morning quiet time... it works really well. from like 9:30-10:25 Caleb has to stay in the guestroom and read.. or draw. Sometimes play with a small car or something. But not a bucket of toys ...

Taite during this time use to nap but lately just plays in his bed reading board books.

I love it because it allows me the chance to shower HAHA

Your kids look very cute reading :-)

keep my in your prayers.. im having some issues w/ my head going numb. yea scary... and I may have to go for an MRI to figure out what is up... Its been like this for a few weeks now .. but the past 2 days has gotten much worst.

Jenn said...

Don't stress too much over the will definitely need one, but remember that one of the reasons most homeschooling is to make learning fun and not stressful. : ) Last year was my first yr and I found myself really getting anul over the schedule (just sharing my personal experience) God ended up stopping me in my tracks and reminding me that it wasn't about how smart I am trying to get our kids to be, but how Christ-like and raise up in the word of God...the whole full rounded experience of why I am homeschooling. I ended up the last part of the yr doing mostly bible studies with them, math, reading and spelling...Latin, but I did not stress if we couldn't get to something. They both still did very well on the CAT test. We all learned some life lessons about being flexible. : ) I'm sure you can already write a book on flexibility, with being a pastor's wife and mother of 3 you certainly have to be flexible! : ) I have a few books that are helpful and a great website. I'm learning as I go. Let's get together soon! I'd also love to meet your friend who is a homeschool mom of older children.

Jenn said...

This is a great blogger to add to your reads. She wrote the science curriculum, Apologia Science. I highly recommend them!

And here is her website too:

Blessings! Jenn