Saturday, June 21, 2008

More Pics From Last Night

Maybe it was because we hadn't seen Caleb in over three weeks(?) and he looked taller to me, or maybe it's because Lydia was wearing ponytails..... but last night I was hit with how quickly my little ones are growing up. Sure, they're still little... but Anna learned how to buckle her seatbelt last night and Lydia put on her own shoes to go outside yesterday, they're just growing up so fast. And it's sweet and fun to watch, but a little "sad" at the same time:)

**Andrea took that middle picture of Christopher :) I just love the angle and you might actually think he is shivering in the picture.... which he totally was all evening while he was wet. Thanks girl:)


Drea said...

they are growing fast. this post made me think "oh boy.... num 4 isnt far behind now" HAHAHA

I tried teaching Caleb to buckle himself and he ALMOST got it.. wont be long and he'll be up there with Anna :-)

Taite and shoes... not so much. Took us to age 3 to get Caleb to put his own shoes on. Spoiled youngin ;-)

Drea said...

oh and annas hair on her forehead makes me think of calligraphy writing. :)

Stacey said...

Reading your blog makes me SERIOUSLY consider moving to a warmer climate. I want my kids to be able to run around in dresses and shorts more than they can here. We only get a few months of weather that warm here.