Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Last of Anna's 4th Birthday Celebrations:) and Eric on the Roof!!

We had a full day on Saturday. In the morning we tried to help some with the food distribution at our church (AKA.. the kids run around and I try to keep my eyes on them...only one run-in with a permanent marker...not too bad).

Then we got ready for a visit from GRAMMIE, Uncle Eric and his friend Amanda!! We were outside a LOT.... it was beautiful, but warm, especially in the mid-afternoon:) We made a video of some of our antics:

Then we used Christopher's new Rocket Launcher to have a "guys vs girls" game. The object was to aim the launcher enough to make a can fall of it's "platform". I'm not sure how long it was played, but they the adults lasted a LOT longer than the kids:)While I was it the kitchen, I heard the uproar of the game-clenching launch.... the guys finally got the can knocked down:)

After dinner we opened some presents and played around inside... we all had a good time and went to bed late and exhausted!!!

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