Friday, May 30, 2008

"mountain"- biking :)

This evening we got to do something Brian has been hoping to do for a LONG time. We have some friends that own a large amount of farm land that Brian has had the opportunity to go four-wheeling on and biking once.

Being a mountain boy, he would love to be out in the midle of no-where on his bike... just exploring!! But with three kiddies and an out-of-shape wife, he doesn't often get to "sneak away" often:)

This afternoon we did..... TOGETHER!!!

We hit a few snags.....

mostly having to do with Anna having training wheels:)

1. Her training wheels kept getting stuck in the sand.... so we had to ditch the bike on the trail

2. Where can a 4-yr old ride??? So Brian held her for a bit, but pulling the trailer was a little too tough for me, especially in the sandy parts:)

Well... this is how we ended up enjoying the rest of our ride:) Anna loved riding in the back on the trailer... I'm sure there are signs that kid shouldn't ride in the back pocket.... but what do you do in the middle of a bike ride in the middle of fields???? At least she was wearing the helmet:)

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