Saturday, May 24, 2008

Snapshots of our Saturday

Yes, we attempted some potty training this morning.... looks like I need to do a little more training before the "Big Boy" pants stay out!!!

Spaghetti Face!!

Good 'Ole Lydia Cheese-ing

We played for a while with our little frog....Christopher caught him over and over...
Once I thought the little guy was a goner but he was just playing dead or staying still so Chris couldn't see him!!
Even Anna held the frog today!!
And tried to catch the last tadpole:) He was too fast to get a picture of...
Fun picture where you can see the frog's details.....
it just got sunny all of a sudden

Daddy riding around Lydia
Anna and Christopher riding around
(we do a lot of bike riding each day!!!!)
Anna riding and singing
....hopefully she'll be a little more coordinated than her mother:)

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