Friday, May 9, 2008

Ahhhhh, Naptime

Finally!!!!!! Naptime!! It's been another wet/
rainy stay-inside-day....I'm trying to get the house in tip-top shape so we can return to a clean house:) And the kids are running around wild looking for the next mess to make!! They're not actually THAT bad but they are getting a little stir-crazy.......

Hmm??? Friday night, Stir-crazy kids (and parents) and some errands to run, sounds like a good night to GET OUT!!!! And I think we'll be meeting some friends while we're out who are ready to GET OUT, too!!!

WATCH out, here we (all) come:)

And for those interested in our Nap Experiment..... we've decided the best thing for our little Anna is to have a quick nap in the afternoon (no more than 1 hour)!! It seems on no-nap evenings she can get emotional over goofy things and find herself in trouble over something silly. So she cat naps on the couch and then reads, watches a video or runs local errands with Brian or I. And it's been working out fine:)

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