Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our Outing with Daddy

Well, Daddy was feeling even better today. He is moving around and eating better. After a morning playing outside we decided to take the kids to a "restaurant with a playground" (as Anna would say).

Here is a picture of us eating lunch....can you believe we don't have ANY highchairs!!! It's come so quick! Actually the little ones did do a GREAT job but I think at a more formal restaurant we'll still be using the highchair:)

And here is Daddy.....he had his shades on b/c it was soo bright. But apart from not being able to eat as much and getting tired easily..... he's back to normal.

The kids had a great time at the little playground....they had a much climbing as three little kids can take. Even Lydia climbed all the way to the top and played in a little car. I did have to climb up to help her down the slide because there is a ledge they had to climb up and it's hard for "little kids"!! And I had to rescue her when an older kid came climbing through the pipe :)

So it seems we're back to almost normal:)

Thank goodness! And thank you for your was tough week for everyone.


Grandma said...

My boy looks great! We are so very thankful that Brian is doing better. The kids are growing up too fast! Kelly, you've done such a good job these past few days.

Our love,

Grandma and Granddaddy

Vader's Mom said...

Glad to hear that Brian is feeling better. I'm worried about my hubby and he only has poison ivy (that's what he gets for playing disc golf off of the course).

You have a beautiful family!

Erica said...

I am so glad that Brian is better --and it sounds like you handled it all like a super wife/mom! I know that all is so difficult. We will pray some peace for you for a while!