Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Christopher Riding the Big bike and writing?

Grandma and Grandaddy got Christopher a bike when they last visited, so he could keep up with Anna and b/c the Little Red Tricycle was little. Anyway, I told Grandma during our visit last week that Christopher had started to ride the bigger bike on the driveway (not for longer distances). But that it was really funny because he has to move soo far to each side to stay on the pedals.... well I caught it on video today..........

**** He usually wears his helmet, but I was being a slacker..... ********

This is totally unrelated to bike riding, but Christopher is writing his letters backwards, like his "P"s look like "q"s..... he's all of 2 yrs old and wring letters, so I'm thankful that he is experimenting. And he recognizes them both ways:) Has anyone ever heard of this? And what do I do to help him?


Dorian said...

He's only 2 and he rides that well?! Awesome!

Grammie said...

Good thing he has a padded bottom. It would be rubbed raw. Can the seat be lowered? He does do great for just 2.