Sunday, May 4, 2008

Little Man and Sibling-Play

He's hoot!! And he knows it:)

I just adore my "little man". He's 180% little boy....but he has such a sweet side too. Sometimes it's hard to parent a little boy that has soo much energy and curiosity!! I'm not one to believe I need to "break his spirit"....but I do expect obedience....and working on "first-time" obedience!

The funny thing is that as much dirt and mess this little boy can get himself into, he also have a very caring and sweet side. Just at breakfast he told Daddy, "I love you!" Just out of the blue...... maybe it was just before he dropped his spoon for the 3rd time reaching for more strawberries. And he loves snuggling and hugging sisters!

I had to include this one just because I just LOVE IT when I see and hear my kids playing sweetly and having a good time together.It's not always soo peaceful, we don have arguments, but they really do play nicely together, for which I am very thankful.....

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Erica said...

Elliot is very much the same way. He can be so loud and brash, but yet has the most wonderfully tender spirit as well. You should see him with "his" babies! He seems to have taken to Jude, who seems to be a little like Elliot as well. I love to see Elliot lavish that love on all his siblings, as well as me when I can get it!!!