Saturday, May 17, 2008

Grandma and Grandaddy

I just wanted to THANK Grandma and Grandaddy for their hospitality and patience with the grandkiddies and their parents!! With 5 of us (plus 5 tadpoles), we can have their house torn up in a matter of minutes:) So you can imagine the house after a couple of days!!! But they're good sports, Grandaddy was even seen "letting" Lydia walk across the kitchen table and jumping to him..... yes, Grandaddy we saw you:)

They let Brian plan the "Master Plan" which included a couple escapes for Brian and I (our date/movie night and some shopping time). So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! And the boys even let me indulge in some DiscoveryHealth programs showcasing the Duggar family.

As you could tell from the photos last week, the kids had a great time, too!! We went to playgrounds galore, took walks/bike rides and played plenty of CHASE!!! And got to explore some of their local attractions:)

We also had a birthday party of Anna on Wednesday afternoon. We had the our family, Grandma and Grandaddy and Gran-Grandma and Uncle Larry, just missing our Uncle Scott for a full family gathering:) I'm glad we were able to have a party so that everyone could celebrate with us, even though it was a little early:) On Thursday, Anna asked me how old she was.....I answered back that she was "3". But she looked confused and responded, "But I thought my birthday was yesterday?"

Thanks again, Grandma and GrandaddY!!!
Don't worry, we'll be back!!!!!! Ha ha haaa

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