Sunday, May 18, 2008

Enjoying the Moments

After church this afternoon while we were getting lunch ready we let the kids play outside. First I was out snapping pictures and then Brian came out and rode them around while I finished the lunch preparations:)

What a difference our "pre-lunch" time was today.... usually on Sunday afternoons the kids are fussy....they fuss with us, with each other, with their toys. We actually video taped it one time because it was sooo crazy (thank goodness they're getting older so it's getting a little better).
Finally, we eat and put them to bed!!!

But today we got to enjoy with them, laugh, let them run off any extra energy and I got to finish preparations in peace watching them have fun in the yard. Even lunch went a little smoother, with Anna actually trying(and enjoying) mashed potatoes!!!

As you can see everyone is well.... I'm still mentally giving the "virus" a few days before I'm going to consider us "virus free". But for now the vomit bucket is in the closet:) Yay!!

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