Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sale at Kohls

Yesterday morning, Brian and I got another chance out!! I really needed to get some more summer clothes and some essentials......I've tried to shop with the kids before but in hours I was able to try on tons of clothes, not possible with kids, or at least happy kids. I came home with 7 items... hee husband is a patient and good man after putting up with me:) He even went through some of the clearance racks for me!!!!

Here are some pants I picked up at Kohl's off the clearance rack.... it was a total grab off the rack b/c they were the right size and a "sweet" price. Although I got some good deals, this was my best deal of the day.... $36 pants, my size for $3.60!!! Goodwill can't even beat that and these were new:)

I usually get really frustrated shopping just because soo much doesn't fit me right. But yesterday I was thankful that I've still stayed in the smaller sizes, even with some of the weight I've put on (after stopping breastfeeding) and the tummy I haven't gotten to disappear yet after the babies....grrr!! But thankful I was still able to bounce between the petites and juniors....

So, Andrea we'll have to take a trip to our Kohl's in search of some more deals. And they gave some more coupons.... yay!!!


Drea said...

ow yea! lets go!!!!!! ladies night. i want to go see a movie. :-) we should invite angela gilbreathe and addy or something. i think it be fun.

Vader's Mom said...

Those are adorable & what a great deal!!