Monday, May 19, 2008

Learning Days

Both kids wanted to work on puzzles this morning (it had been a while since we'd had them out). Anna worked hard on the States puzzle. She was givent his puzzle when she was 2....and I totally thought it was "too advanced" for her. Boy, was I wrong.... she took off with it, played with it for weeks and soon after was able to put it together by herself!!!

After Anna finished putting together for the second time, she let Christopher have a try and "helped" him along;) This is such a comforting reminder to me that even though I'm busier now with three kids, the kids still get plenty of attention and "help" with projects (like puzzles)... from each other:)

Finally, I've mentioned before how impressed I've been with the Leap Frog Learning DVDs!!! The other day the kids and were practicing some of the letters using the little Leap Frog Letter/phonics song and we heard Lydia.... Here's what we actually caught today!!

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