Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Strawberry Picking Fun

The older two kids and I headed out to our local strawberry farm this morning while Daddy and Lydia napped. We've been a little stir crazy with not being to go anywhere or have friends I thought it would be nice to have a little "adventure" with just Christopher and Anna!!!

As you can see there was a "little" sampling going on:)

Honestly, I LOVE going to this strawberry farm!! I've gone multiple times every strawberry season, since we moved here. The first time I went Anna was in a stroller b/c she wasn't walking yet:)

One of the reasons is because it is soo close to home (only 10 miles or so). The taste of the strawberries compared to the grocery store berries is amazing.... these berries just have soo much more flavor....FRESH!! And the price is pick you're own they charge only 95cents a pound!! That's over a $1 less than the grocery store when they have the berries on-sale!!

Also the staff and farm is very kid-friendly. They gave the kids the little green pint-size containers so that they can pick along with mom!! One of the staff even joked about getting plenty to snack on while we picked (although they probably only make that joke with the kids...)!! And of course I dragged Christopher out of the field and his mouth was covered in strawberries (he is just a VERY sloppy eater), quite embarrassing but the staff just laughed and nodded, like they've seen it before:) And just in case you thought the pint-size containers were to get Momma to purchase a couple more, they didn't even charge me for the kid's strawberries!!


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